2023 Pacific Northwest Short Track Open

The Puget Sound Speedskating Club wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 2023 Pacific NorthWest Short Track Open.  We would not have been able to hold our first US Speedskating sanctioned event without the participation of many individuals and organizations.

53 skaters between the ages of 4 and 62 took the ice, 21 travelling from Canada, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, and the north and south ends of Washington State to compete.  Thank you to the Anchorage Skate Club, Mountain View Speedskating Club, Northern California Speedskating Club, Port Coquitlam Lightning Speed Skating Club, Phoenix Speedskating Club, Vancouver Speed Skating Club, and Whatcom Speed Skating Club for making the journey.

Thomas McLennan, a Speed Skating Canada referee provided expert officiating and instruction to our volunteer referees and officials.

EMTs Jesse Nemens and Brian Maier came down from Seattle to provide medical support.  The additional 33 crash pads that were donated by Champaign Regional Speedskating helped keep our competitors safe.

The staff of US Speedskating provided guidance and support from the early planning stages through the conclusion of the event.

Notably, we were able to achieve exceptionally precise timing results for every skater using a low cost video timing system.  We are continuing to develop software that integrates these results into a meet management software tool.

You can download all the photos we took at the meet here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pip0Rh5s7H_Rb3MG4TimIoPu_AdM_NAs?usp=sharing

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2024 Pacific NorthWest Short Track Open.



7:50AM ~ 8:00AMIce cleaning (Dry cut only)All ice rink (10 min)
8:00AM ~ 8:30AMPadding & Equipment pick-up for VolunteersOn Ice & Party room 3
8:15AM ~ 8:40AMCheck-in & Equipment check for all participantsMain Lobby (Referees)
8:40AM ~ 8:55AMIce cleaningAll ice rink (15 min)
9:00AM ~ 9:10AMWarm-up C (Division 1 & slow skaters in Division 2)Under 10yr old (10 min)
9:10AM ~ 9:20AMWarm-up B (Division 2 & Slow skaters in Division 3)Age 11~14yr old & Intermediate
9:20AM ~ 9:30AMWarm-up A (Division 3 & Division 4 Master skaters)15yr up ~ Master (10 min)
9:35AM ~ 9:50AMIce cleaningAll ice rink (15 min)
9:30AM ~ 9:40AMTeam leaders & Coaches meetingParty room 1
9:55AM ~ 9:58AMOpening ceremonyOn Ice rink
10:00AM ~ 10:09AM(Division 1) 255m 3 Laps, 3 heats x 3 min9 min
10:10AM ~ 10:28AM(Division 2) 500m 4.5 Laps, 5 heats x 3.5 min18 min
10:28AM~ 11:00AM(Division 3 &4) 777m 7 Laps, 8 heats x 4 min32 min
11:00AM ~ 11:20AMIce cleaningTrack only (20min)
11:25AM ~ 11:31AM(Division 1) 85m 1 Laps, 3 heats x 2 min6 min
11:32AM ~ 11:45AM(Division 2) 333m 3 Laps, 5 heats x 2.5 min13 min
11:46AM~ 12:10PM(Division 3 &4) 500m 4.5 Laps, 8 heats x 3 min24 min
12:10PM ~ 12:30PMIce cleaningTrack only (20min)
12:35PM ~ 12:41PM(Division 1) 425m 5 Laps, 2 heats x 3 min6 min
12:42PM ~ 12:57PM(Division 2) 777m 7 Laps, 5 heats x 3 min15 min
12:58PM ~ 1:25PM(Division 3 &4) 1000m 9 Laps, 8 heats x 3 min24 min
1:25PM ~ 1:40PMIce cleaningAll ice rink (15 min)
1:40PM ~ 1:45PM(Division 1) 12 Laps Mixed Baton Relay, 2 teams x 4 skaters5 min
1:45PM ~ 1:55PM(Division 2) 2000m 18 Laps Mixed Relay, 4 teams x 4 skaters10 min
1:55PM ~ 2:05PM(Division 3) 3000m 27 Laps Mixed Relay, 4 teams x 4 skaters10 min
2:05PM ~2:15PM(Division 4) 2000m 18 Laps Mixed Relay, 2 teams x 4 skaters10 min
2:15PM ~ 2:30PMBack-up pads & Return equipment at Party room 310 min
2:30PM ~ 3:00PMAwards30 min